Welcome to the website of “My Body Is Not Your Porn” latest Project: “Hack Sexism” – A Social Hackathon against sexism and sexualised violence at festivals.

We are the initiative “My Body Is Not Your Porn” ( MBINYP ). Founded in spring 2020 in response to the public notification of the cases of image-based sexualised violence at the festival “Monis Rache” in Germany. Currently we are a team of eight women from Hamburg and Berlin, who organize themselves as a collective, who act as a collective within a horizontal organisation.

We are committed to work on public relations against sexualised violence and sexism and to ensure there are safe spaces online and offline, particularly on social media platforms. Among other things we aim to raise awareness for these topics and to draw attention to grievances. Therefore we have initiated a social hackathon against sexism and sexualised violence at festivals with the title #HackSexism. On the weekend from the 9th to the 11th of April 2021 we will bring together people who are potentially affected, artists, festival organizers, anyone who works within the festival industry and everyone who is interested to take part.

Our goal is to find solutions against sexism and sexualised violence and to create an Action Plan for Festivals all together.

Our vision is for festivals to become a safe space for everyone!

We want to shift the responsibility from those who have experienced and are experiencing sexism and sexualised violence to everyone and anyone, as it’s up to each and everyone to create change and build an equitable future.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the resources to realise the hackathon in English nor to provide all the information on our homepage in English. 

If you are interested in supporting us with translations or to participate, please contact us via kontakt@hacksexism.de.

You want to take action right now? –> Help raising awareness by supporting the #HackSexism hashtag campaign by taking part and asking yourself and others following questions:

Which festivals do you think should participate in the social hackathon? Which festivals should actively deal with the topic, address the issues of sexism and sexualised violence and take responsibility? Which festivals should take action and implement solutions for safer spaces? Or/And at which specific festival have you may experienced sexualised violence or discrimination in the past?

This is how easy you can participate:

  1. Share your own post using #HackSexism
  2. Tag the festival accounts of your choice
  3. Tag us @mbinyp – to let us know which festivals you tagged

optional: (4.) If you want to share your personal demands or experiences, add them to your caption

As soon as festivals are tagged multiple times they can’t ignore the hints, or at least it makes it harder to. 

With #HackSexism in connection with the social hackathon we want to raise awareness about sexism and sexualised violence such as at festivals. Together with you and your posts, tags or even shared demands and past experience, we encourage festival organisers to take responsibility and be part of the change.

Let’s #HackSexism !